Bug fixes: In ATS, Talent pool, Event accept/decline and Tacitbase sourcing plugin

Hi there,

We’re dedicated to continually refining Tacitbase to ensure your experience remains top-notch. In this latest round of updates, we’ve tackled various issues and implemented enhancements to improve your hiring workflow. Here’s a breakdown of what’s been accomplished:

:speech_balloon: Truncated Comments and Descriptions: Now you don’t need to scroll long comments and descriptions to go through activity on candidate cards, we have shortened long comments and if you want to read you can click on “Show more” button.

:abc: Alphabetical Order for Organizations: Organizations will be listed alphabetically, facilitating easier navigation and organization management.

:person_frowning:t2: Allowing Spaces in Talent Pool Names: Now you can add candidates with more freedom. Now, spaces will be allowed in first and last names, enabling the inclusion of unconventional names such as “Mr Super Duper Nice Guy”.

:desktop_computer: Improved Session Management: If you want to logout from all sessions at one time. Now, logging out from one tab will automatically log out from all active sessions, ensuring security and ease of use.

:calendar: Rich Text Editor for Event Descriptions: You can be more creative at writing interview scheduling descriptions. We have added more functionality in description boxes, allowing for formatted messages, hyperlinks, and improved communication.

:spiral_calendar: Issues in Event Email Sent from Tacitbase: Previously event emails received from Tacitbase used to lack options to accept or decline interview invitations.
Now we have fixed the issue and you will have the option to accept or reject invitations directly from event emails.

:interrobang: Plugin: Candidate Export Error: There was an issue while exporting candidates if some fields are absent in the candidate data while importing candidates via plugin.
After this bug fix the plugin will create candidate profiles even if certain non-mandatory fields are empty, ensuring smoother operation for users.

We hope these updates reflect our ongoing efforts in providing better user experience. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to refine and enhance Tacitbase.

Happy Hiring!

Team Tacitbase