Custom background, service notifications and many more

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We hope you’re doing well and it’s great to reconnect with you. Check out our latest release notes, packed with new features and improvements.

:star2: New Feature:
:desktop_computer: Background Board Image:
Take customization to the next level! You can now set a captivating background image for your board. Personalize your workspace and make it truly yours.

Image: Custom Board Background

:zap: Improvements:
1. :e-mail: Fast Loading of Emails and Attachments:
Say goodbye to waiting! We have optimized emails and attachments queries, ensuring a lower loading time of emails while accessing your inbox.

2. :loudspeaker: Service Notifications:
You’ll now receive updates related to the Candidate Database(Create/Update Candidate), candidate reviews(Create/update/close review ), billing(Add/remove member), and calendar events(Create/Update/Delete event).

3. :date: User’s Invitation Status Update on Events:
Track guest invitations for the events created on the board calendar. Now, you can view the invitation status(Accepted/rejected/not sure) of guests directly on the calendar, making event management a breeze.

4. :bell: User Preference for Notification Settings:
Personalize your notification settings according to your preferences. Now you decide the types of notifications you receive such as cards created/moved/archived, comments added on reviews/cards and many more.

Image: User notification preferences

5. :eye: Improved Event Visibility Based on Access:
Public events are now visible to all board members, while member-only events are exclusively visible to the members of the respective card.

We hope you enjoy these fantastic fixes and enhancements in Tacitbase! If you have any questions or require assistance, our dedicated team is always here to support you.

Cheers! :beers:
Team Tacitbase

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