Enhancement: Notification system, Improved User-experience, Per-user Billing


Wishing you a very happy new year! We hope you’re having a fantastic time. The year 2023 was awesome; our team worked hard to make your hiring process smoother. We continue to strive for improvements in Tacitbase. We want you to spend less time on recruitment tool and more time assessing candidates. This year has special significance for us as we introduce you to a major change in our user interface.

Here’s the list of enhancements, and bug fixes we’ve implemented:


:desktop_computer: Revamped Notifications: We’ve restructured our notification system, moving it to the Updates section located at the left navigation panel. With this new implementation, you’ll receive all your notifications lightning-fast (yes, we’ve tested it, and you can too :grinning:). Updates screen will be your new homepage.Let’s see what’s in the Updates Panel:

  • You will receive all your updates in the Updates panel.
  • There are two tabs: UNREAD and ALL.
  • New unread updates are highlighted since your last visit to updates panel.
  • You can filter updates by services such as ATS, Reviews, Email, Calendar, etc.
  • You can opt for Desktop notifications for each update by allowing them in your preferences(Located at up right corner of Updates panel).

Image: Real time updates in Tacitbase

:rocket: Improved User Experience: Tacitbase now boasts a more user-friendly interface. We redesigned our software design including sign-up flow to make it super easy to understand.

  • You can visualize services on the collapsible left navigation panel.
  • You can view the owner of each entity separated by a vertical line in the members panel of the entity.
  • No more workspace confusion while working on a board; the Workspace name is now visible in the board name.
  • Member-only cards are a thing of the past; we removed candidate card privacy, making all candidate cards accessible to all board members.

Image: Boards with new user-interface

:dollar: Per User Billing: Billing in Tacitbase is now done on a per-user license basis, a significant improvement from the previous organization-based billing. We’ve integrated Tacitbase with Stripe payment services for a seamless and hassle-free billing system.

We hope you’re enjoying your time at Tacitbase, and we take your feedback seriously. Your support and feedback are invaluable in helping us enhance Tacitbase. Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2024 once again, and thank you for your continued support.

Have fun,
Team Tacitbase