Exciting New Features and Improvements in Tacitbase – Enhancing Your Experience!

Hello Tacitbase Users,

We’re super excited to bring you some fantastic updates that we believe will significantly improve your experience with Tacitbase.

:star2: New Features:

1. Email Custom Domain:
Make your mark with personalized emails! You can now customize your email domain when sending and receiving emails in Tacitbase. Your communications will have that personal touch, and they’ll be sent using your custom domain. Plus, it comes at a really affordable price.

2. Advanced Search:
Say hello to smarter searches! You can now streamline your search by specifying certain fields. For example, typing ‘Labels: Mumbai’ will give you all the cards tagged with the label ‘Mumbai’. Feel free to use this feature with Name, Description, and Label fields to filter your results. Searching just got a whole lot smarter!

:rocket: Improvements:

1. Speedy Loading: Say goodbye to long waits! We’ve turbocharged our loading times. Boards with 500+ cards now load in less than 3.5 seconds, down from 14 seconds. And we’re still fine-tuning to make it even quicker!

2. Optional Phone Number: We’ve made the phone number field optional when creating a candidate in CDB, saving you from making unnecessary data entries just to bypass the mandatory field.

3. Admin-Only Calendar Settings: We’ve amped up the security – now only admins can access and modify the calendar settings, ensuring a safer and more controlled environment.

4. Cancel Event Emails No More: We’ve rectified an issue that caused you to receive a cancel event email after creating an event. Rest assured, you won’t receive these any longer.

5. No More Duplicate Emails: We’ve resolved an issue where the same email could be assigned to two candidates. You won’t accidentally duplicate email assignments anymore.

6. Automatic Card Membership: From now on, as soon as you create a card, you’re automatically a member. No extra steps!

7. Instant Notification Access: With a single click on your notifications, you’re instantly directed to the relevant section.

8. Chrome Plugin Label Refresh: Those using our Chrome plugin can now refresh labels to get the latest updates from the database.

9. Access Control in Chrome Plugin: We’ve tightened access controls in the Chrome plugin to restrict access to the duplicate candidate API of CDB for unauthorized users.

10. Real-Time Billing Dashboard: Your billing dashboard now provides real-time usage and past month invoices. Keep track of your billing with ease!

11. Stable Real-Time Notifications: Our real-time notifications are now more reliable. Witness live updates across various sections for changes in description, comments, labels, attachments, and archive/unarchive actions.

12. Single Error Notifications: You’ll now see a single error notification for a single action, avoiding multiple pop-ups for the same error.

We’re confident these new features and improvements will make your Tacitbase experience smoother and more enjoyable! As always, if you have any questions or need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Team Tacitbase