Feature release: Workspace management ,Reports and analytics and Job Description Management

Hey there,

We trust you’re doing well and are happy to introduce you to the latest enhancements in Tacitbase. We’re dedicated to improve your recruitment experience, and with these new features, we’re making your journey even more efficient and insightful. Let’s dive into what’s new!

We have improved the board dashboard to make it better and easier. Now you can see admin and members of the board directly from the board dashboard.

:office: Workspace Management: We have added an extra layer on top of boards so that you can manage and organize your boards with Workspace Management.

  • Workspace creation: You can create a dedicated workspace and add boards to your workspace.
  • Workspace manager: You can assign workspace managers to specific workspace. Managers will be able to know the status of all job positions within a workspace, ensuring efficient collaboration and tracking.

:bar_chart: Reports and Analytics: You can show your progress in daily stand up meetings with new Reports and Analytics feature.

  • Individual analytics: You can view your individual analytics include Total candidates sourced, Offer acceptance rate, Interview rejection rate, Average time to fill the position, and many more.
  • Workspace manager: Workspace Managers can see their individual as well as the analytics for their workspaces.
  • Board overview: Users can also observe the board overview for all boards at a glance without entering inside the board.

Image 1: Reports and analytics in Tacitbase

:clipboard: Job Description Management: We’re excited to introduce Job Description Management, a feature that simplifies your job posting process.

  • Job Description Editor: You can compose and publish job descriptions using job description editor. Once published, you will get unique public link for all the job descriptions that can be shared with candidates.

  • Form Builder: Form builder allows you to create a form based on custom fields available in your candidateDB. Once published you will get unique public link which can be shared with anyone to collect data directly into candidateDB. This form can also be attached to job descriptions, so that candidates can apply directly from job descriptions.

  • Filter and Take Action: Candidates who applied through forms could be easily sorted and filtered using Filter by Source.

Image 3: Job description management in Tacitbase

Bug fixes

:paperclip: Review Attachment Issue: Switch reviews seamlessly, we’ve resolved the bug where, while switching from one review to another, the attachment of the first review was mistakenly showing up in another. Now, your reviews and attachments will stay perfectly organized.

:fountain_pen: Board Name Visibility: While creating an event from the card, we’ve tackled the issue of text having a white color, making the board name invisible.

:stopwatch: Real-time Notifications and notification sound: Now we have made notifications even more faster with custom notification sound. Receive real-time notifications for Candidate Database, Reviews, Application Tracking system, Email and Billing.

As always, if you have any questions, need assistance, or want to explore these new features further, our dedicated team is just a click away. Your success is our priority!

Cheers! :clinking_glasses:
Team Tacitbase