Latest feature update and bug fixes: Desktop notifications, Attachment suggestions in interview shceduling; bug fixing in sourcing plugin, calendar service, etc


Hope you are having a great time. Our most recent release is designed to elevate your productivity and convenience. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve achieved:

New Features:

:desktop_computer: Desktop Notifications: We’ve implemented desktop notifications for the Tacitbase web app. You can now enable desktop notifications from your browser and receive notifications even when you are not on Tacitbase tab. You can customize your notification preferences in account settings and enjoy a more engaging user experience.

:date: Calendar Attachment Suggestions: When scheduling an interview, Tacitbase recommends you candidate card attachments to make your interview scheduling easy.

Image: Attachment suggestion while scheduling an interview

Bug Fixes:

:technologist: Tacitbase Sourcing Plugin: Our Tacitbase sourcing plugin now supports LinkedIn recruiter URLs(Hire, Discover and Search), allowing you to use sourcing plugin on LinkedIn public as well as recruiter…

:date: Interview Event Deletion from Card: You can now delete scheduled interview directly from the candidate card, eliminating the need to navigate to the board calendar.

:no_entry_sign: Candidates Sharing on Boards: If the first list from the board is archived, candidates sent via candidate database will now correctly go to the first active (unarchived) list in the board.

:black_joker:Member-Only Card Appearance: Member-only candidate cards now feature a symbol and a distinct color for better separation and identification.

:label: Sorted Labels: Labels are now sorted alphabetically in Candidate database, Reviews and ATS for a more organized experience.

:page_facing_up: Comment Message Length Validation: Candidate card comment messages are now restricted to 5000 characters, ensuring a more structured and user-friendly experience.

:tv: Calendar Conference Tools: The issue where video conference tools(Meet and Zoom) were not consistently added to the board has been resolved.

:cold_face: Calendar Freeze: The system freeze issue during slot retrieval while scheduling an interview on candidate card has been addressed.

:paperclip:Download attachment: You can now download attachments without opening them from candidate card in ATS as well as candidate database.

We’re moving towards making Tacitbase smooth and reliable for a better experience. If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated team(Me) is just a click away. Your success is our priority!

Cheers! :clinking_glasses: Team Tacitbase

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